ShurFlo 1.8 GPM 12 VDC Bypass Pressure Foam Marker Pump

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ShurFlo 1.8 GPM 12 VDC Bypass Pressure Foam Marker Pump

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This 1.8 GPM Bypass Pump has a Santoprene diaphragm and is designed to operate at high pressures with low flow rates. This makes this pump the ideal choice for applications in which the motor would often be started and stopped.


Shurflo 1.8 GPM 12 VDC Bypass Pump

A bypass pump may be used in application that would normally induce frequent start/stop of the motor, and thereby create a potential for overheating. Models equipped with an internal bypass are designed to pump at high pressure while at low flow rates.
This particular pump provides:

  • 12 VDC
  • 1.8 GPM open flow
  • Viton valves
  • Santoprene diaphragm
  • 45 PSI internal bypass
  • 3/8" NPT- Female ports
    • (In some cases, the ports may require a suitable thread sealer applied sparingly)
  • Poly Housing
  • Self priming up to 8 vertical feet (2.4m)
  • Chemical resistant materials
  • Designed for heavy duty spraying and fluid transfer applications
  • Internal bypass
  • Can run dry without damage

8000 Series internal bypass pumps are ideal for intermittent duty applications where an automatic demand switch is not desired. Pumps with by-pass will continue to run without damage once the bypass pressure is reached. The pump may be mounted in any position. However, if mounting the pump vertically the pump head should be in the down position so that in the unlikely event of a leak, fluid will not enter the motor. This pump incorporates a triple chamber with Viton elastomers to withstand the toughest of applications. Perfect for spot sprayers, foam markers and transfer applications where smooth consistent flow is needed.

Shurflo Part #
8000-543-250 = ShurFlo 1.8 GPM 12 VDC Bypass Pressure Foam Marker Pump

Additional Information

Additional Information

Material No
Pressure (PSI) No
Load No
3 or 3 Way Valve No
Handle Type No
# of Sections No
Adjustable No
Valve Control No
Actuator Type No
Size No
Attachment Style No
91 Degree Elbow Included No
Drive No
HorsePower No
RPM Style No
Pump Models No
Pump Rotation No
Fits Pumps w/ No
Shaft Size No
Pump Style (# of rollers) No
Pump Material No
Shaft No
Model No
Inlet No
Outlet No
Manufacturer Shurflo