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Jump to Products.’s guidance monitors can help you monitor and map your fields more accurately. Offering top quality, reliable technology, both Raven and TeeJet systems are available for your sprayer. Guidance monitors can increase your bottom line in a variety of applications. From simple guidance in the field to section control and yield management, guidance systems can be used for tillage, seeding, spray applications and harvest.


Using a guidance monitor can easily provide the operator with a quick return on investment. Improved accuracy and precision will allow you to cut down on input costs and save time in the field. Serving as a foundation to many other precision technologies, guidance monitors can work with other systems such as section control and assisted-steering systems.

Utilizing some of the common features on guidance systems, you can cover your fields more accurately with options such as straight or curved A|B lines, last pass, fixed contour and pivot guidance options.

Other benefits of using guidance monitors include cutting down on driver fatigue and the ability to work in lower visibility settings.

Raven’s Cruizer II, the entry level lightbar system, is noted for its ease of use and great accuracy. Cruizer II was designed with simplicity in mind. From installation to use, the Cruizer II walks you through each step to help ensure you have the right information entered in your system. Add on to your precision system by adding auto-steering, yield monitoring and automatic boom section controls to your Cruizer II. offers multiple Cruizer II options including a weather resistant option and either a helix antenna or a patch antenna.

TeeJet’s Matrix Pro is the only system that utilizes "Guidance-Over-Video" technology which allows it to blend animated guidance info with real video images on a single display. This helps improve accuracy for your operation. The Matrix Pro can work with boom section control and assisted steering. Additionally, antenna upgrades are available for higher precision accuracy GPS.

The TeeJet Centerline 220 kit, that is designed to let you profit from GPS lightbar guidance, is also available on This LED lightbar guidance package includes a high-quality WAAS/EGNOS GPS receiver and guidance capabilities.

To find the right guidance monitor for your setup, check out the individual product pages.

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