ShurFlo 115VAC 1.4 GPM Transfer Diaphragm Pump

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The ShurFlo 115 VAC Transfer Pump has a lightweight and compact design that is ideal for a variety of mounting options. This pump operates efficiently with spraying and high-capacity applications, and its components have heightened resistance to chemicals, wear, and the elements.

Shurflo 115VAC 1.4 GPM Transfer Pump

The ShurFlo 8000 model diaphragm transfer pump is designed with ShurFlos quality standards and innovation in mind. Particularly useful as an agricultural pump, the ShurFlo 8000 is easy to install where its most needed by using a standard 115V A/C power source and 3/8 FPT ports. Its lightweight and compact design allow for a variety of mounting options for better utilization. Installation with the head in a downward position is most recommended to keep fluids from entering the motor and causing damage.

Easy Installation

The electrical installation is simple with a typical three wire hook up for a hot running wire, a neutral wire and the ground wire. Models are available with a corded plug if receptacles are available for use. The ShurFlo 8000 gives maximum output with minimal electrical use, keeping running costs low and helping to reduce overhead.

Efficient Design

The ShurFlo 8000 has self-priming capabilities up to 8 feet vertically, and transfers up to 1.4 gallons of liquid per minute. Periodic dry flow is no problem with the run-dry safety feature on this model, and will not damage the motor. The built-in check valve maintains a constant high-pressure one-way flow, preventing back-up and leakage. Uniquely shaped Viton valves enable high pressure spraying with minimal power usage. From irrigation to live stock watering, fresh water transfer needs are no problem for the ShurFlo 8000.

Multiple Uses

Built from chemically-resistant materials, the ShurFlo 8000 is ideal for use around the farm, and for jobs that require the use of chemical sprays. The Santoprene diaphragm and Viton valves can withstand moderate chemical contact and internal parts dont decompose quickly when exposed to most common agricultural chemicals. These features make this pump great for almost all spraying needs. Be sure to contact ShurFlo before using the pump for chemical use to assure chemical compatibility and never try to transfer flammable material with the pump.

Built to Last

The ShurFlo 8000 was designed to last. Made with high-endurance materials, the pump and parts can withstand moderate weather changes, from hot to cold, without cracking or seals melting. The unit, which is able to handle high capacity jobs, has a feature that minimizes the threat of overheating and the burning of the motor. This thermal overload protection automatically cuts the motor, preventing damage. Once the motor cools, it will automatically start again keeping the job going with as little interruption as possible.

Hassle-Free Maintenance

Easy maintenance makes the ShurFlo 8000 one of the most popular pumps manufactured. Parts, repair kits and accessories are available for maximum use of the pump. Using the correct parts and tubing ensures less leakage and a prolonged life for the motor, meaning more production throughout the work day. Utilizing the proper size parts also reduces vibration and assists in keeping the motor running smoothly and quietly.

Backed by ShurFlos quality and service, the ShurFlo 8000 is built to meet your needs. Contact for more information.

  • PUMP DESIGN: Positive Displacement 3 Chamber Diaphragm Pump
  • CAM: 3.0 Degree
  • CHECK VALVE: (2-Way Op.) Prevents Reverse Flow & 6 Ft. Head Forward Flow
  • MOTOR: Permanent Magnet, P/N 11-150-00, Thermally Protected
  • VOLTAGE: 115 VAC Nominal
  • PRESSURE SWITCH: Adjustable Shut-Off (Range 40-60 PSI), Factory Set @ 60 PSI, Turn On 45 PSI +/- 5 PSI
  • LIQUID TEMPERATURE: 170 Degrees Fahrenheit (77 Degrees Centigrade) Max.
  • PRIME: Self-Priming Up To 8 Ft. Vertical
  • Max. Inlet Pressure 30 PSI (2.1 Bar)
  • PORTS: 3/8"-18 NPT Female
  • PLASTICS- Polyproplyne
  • VALVES- Viton
  • DIAPHRAGM- Santoprene
  • FASTENERS- Zinc Plated Steel
  • NET WEIGHT:3.8 Lbs (1.72 Kg)
  • DUTY CYCLE:Intermittent

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8000-533-236 = ShurFlo 115VAC 1.4 GPM Transfer Diaphragm Pump

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