Teejet 450 Series 5-Valve Flow back Manifold

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The TeeJet 450 Series 5-ValveFlow Back Manifold with 50-series flange is positively switched, and includes a .5 meter cable. This flow back valve is designed to create a rapid shut off of spray tips when boom sections are shut off.

TeeJet 450 Series Flow back Valve Manifold

450 Series 5-Valve Flowback Manifold with 50-Series Flange, Positively Switched with 0.5 Meter Cable<

TeeJet Technologies Flow Back valves are improving the accuracy of spraying operations in a broad range of applications. The patented Flow Back feature provides rapid shut off of spray tips when boom sections are shut off. These valves eliminate the five second, ten second, or even longer shutoff delay common on sprayers equipped with standard valves.

Flow Back valves relieve the remaining pressure in the boom after the section valves are shut off. No more waiting for the eventual shut-off of the spray tips. The boom remains full of spray solution as only a limited amount of liquid must be diverted back to the tank to eliminate the pressure.

The 450FB and flow back valves allow pressure from the boom lines to be relieved back to the tank when the valve is switched to the off position. Available with E or EC series motors with cable or DIN electrical connections.


  • 22 RPM, 0.7 second shutoff fully open to close.
  • Allow quick, simple plumbing for as many valves as needed for your sprayer.
  • Flow rate for 450FB is 32 GPM (120 l/min) with 5 PSI (0.34 bar) pressure drop per valve.
  • The 450FB offers a maximum pressure rating of 200 PSI (14 bar).

Flow Back Features

  • Tips shut off 80% faster*
  • Compatible with all levels of sprayer control systems, from simple to sophisticated
  • Simple installation - single liquid return line
  • No additional wiring or sensors
  • Compact design suitable for increasing numbers of boom sections
  • Excellent companion to BoomPilot automatic boom section control systems

Flow Back Benefits

  • Improve application accuracy
  • Reduce skips, overlaps and resprays
  • Eliminate guesswork spray to the end of rows
  • Protect boundaries, waterways and the overall
  • environment
  • Reduce chemical expense

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455BEC-3FBF-CVX = 450 Series 5-Valve Flow back Manifold

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