Adding Raven to your operation brings an unequaled brand of precision, agriculture innovation and performance to your farm. Founded in 1965, Raven Industries has expanded from its start in the American space program to precision technology in the agriculture industry. Raven has contributed relevant and reliable products to precision agriculture concepts since 1978.

Raven seeks to improve agricultural efficiency, productivity and stewardship of the land through the use of its precision lineup.

The applied technology division of Raven provides electronic Global Positioning System (GPS) products and information management tools designed to reduce operating costs and improve yields for the global agriculture market. From field computers to planter and sprayer controls, and from GPS guidance steering systems to wireless technology, Raven is leading the way for precision technology that delivers in the field.

From field computers to guidance and steering systems, application controls, planter controls and boom controls, Raven is a driving force in precision agriculture technology. offers a variety of Raven’s highly recognized precision products. Raven’s easy-to-use precision guidance system, Cruizer, allows the operator to utilize auto-steering, yield monitoring and automatic on-off planter and boom section controls. SmartSteer, Raven’s assisted steering system, is a hands-free driving approach for those long days in the field.

Raven’s flow meters provide an economical method of accurately measuring a wide range of liquids at various flow rates. An electronic transducer located inside the flow meter housing monitors turbine rotation. These digital signals are then interfaced to electronic totalizers or flow devices to give readouts of gallons or liters.

Raven valves are designed and manufactured for simple maintenance and serviceability – from hydraulic valves, to boom valves and control valves, Raven prides itself on quality flow control. The control valves are typically used to control the flow of liquid or anhydrous ammonia applications. Hydraulic valves are commonly used to control hydraulic flow to a pump. The check valves only allow the chemical flow away from the tank and are used with direct injection systems.

If you want to farm better, smarter and more profitably, discover Raven’s powerful and profitable product portfolio – targeted precisely on what matters most: reducing input costs, increasing yields, saving time and labor. Make better farming decisions, enhance environmental stewardship and achieve your financial objectives to improve your overall position.


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