Teejet Orifice Plate; 2.69 GPM

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The TeeJet Orifice Plate is designed as a part of the flow regulator assembly and it functions by providing a hole in the center of the plate where liquid is able to pass through at a specific rate. These orifices are available in over 80 different sizes to provide for a variety of desired flow rates.

TeeJet Orifice Plate (2.69 GPM)

TeeJet Orifice Plates are available in a wide range of sizes with over 80 different sizes to choose from. Use the formula listed below to figure out what size orifice you need for you application.

Flow Regulators are usually mounted behind cultivator shanks for the subsurface application of liquid fertilizers and soil fumigants. They are also used for above-ground streaming applications.

Always insert orifice plate with side marked with number facing the outlet.

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TeeJet Part #'s
CP4916-156 = 2.69

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Price 2.72
Apache Part 0
Manufacturer TeeJet Spray Parts
GPM 2.69
Pressure Gauge No
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