Raven Cruizer II w/Helix Antenna

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Raven Cruizer II w/Helix Antenna

List Price: $1,973.96

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The Raven Cruizer II is a high quality precision guidance system that is designed for agricultural applications. This system includes 4 different guidance options and is easily transferred from machine to machine. The Cruizer II has an icon based console that is easy to use, and this model includes a Helix model antenna.


Simple, Affordable Guidance Made Better and Faster

Cruizer II is an easy-to-use, entry-level, high-precision GPS light bar from Raven Industries Inc. that is designed for agricultural applications. With an easily-navigated, icon-based operating platform, this quality piece of precision ag technology will have you in the field in no time saving on your bottom line.

Simplicity: Simple in every sense of the word, from installation to use the Cruizer II shines the whole way. With a simple setup of basic machine information, the Cruizer II will walk you through step-by-step to make sure all the right information is entered the first time.

Increase your bottom line: The Cruizer II boasts an ease of portability from machine to machine to work in a variety of applications. The Cruizer II can be used for anything from simple guidance to yield management or section control for your planter or sprayer. This Raven system can additionally be used for tillage, seeding. liquid or granular application, or harvesting.

The Raven Industries Cruizer II includes four guidance options:

  • Straight A-B
  • Last Pass
  • Fixed Contour
  • Pivot

Less fatigue means getting more work done in a day: The Cruizer II's ease of use will cut down on stress while in the field, and it is versatile enough to be easily adaptable with Raven agriculture systems such as the Raven Smartrax or Raven Smartsteer assisted-steering systems. Coupling either of these systems with the Raven Section Control or Automatic Planter control will allow you to operate a full-scale precision system.

Quick Return on Investment (ROI): As an ag leader in GPS technology, Raven Industries is known for their quality precision ag equipment like the Cruizer II Guidance System. This high quality system boasts an affordable price that will have you saving money on inputs from the first use. With the ability to export past jobs, you have access to your input and harvest history so you know the true cost and profit of your operation.

Cruizer II Guidance Technology: Built to Last, Easy To Use

Cruizer II Features and Benefits:

  • The Cruizer II utililzes a high-resolution 5.7" color touch-screen
  • Operating system is easy to navigate using icon-based menus, and status indicators for all vital information
  • Spray at night by using the Cruizer II's "Night-Time" mode to dim the screen and make it easier to see the field
  • Simple record keeping with file formats for saving, reporting, and importing data
  • Choose from a helix or patch antenna
  • Built-in 10 Hz DGPS receiver to receive WAAS signals with sub-meter accuracy
  • Installation is a breeze with the included hardware: Suction cup for mounting the Cruizer II, magnetic antenna (both patch and helix), metal plate w/double-sided tape for use with antenna and non-metal mounting surface, and cigarette-plug adapter to supply power to your Cruizer II
  • Weather-resistant models are available for open-cab machinery to protect your Cruizer II from water and dust

Raven Part #
117-0171-249 = Raven Cruizer II Guidance System w/Helix Antenna

Additional Information

Additional Information

Antenna Helix
Weather Resistant No
Manufacturer Raven

Customer Reviews 4 item(s)

Great system
I recently installed the Cruizer 2 and have used it to spray our hay fields. Setup was very straightforward and simple to use. The display is clean and easy to read.
I mostly use the last pass feature as our fields are not uniformly shaped and even on the first use of the system the end result was uniform coverage. The overview is a great feature to look at the field and see if there is any gaps in coverage.
Very happy with the system, it will pay for itself in no time given the cost of herbicides.
Review by Doug / (Posted on 5/22/2017)
Outstanding value
Easy setup and great to use.
Review by Biff / (Posted on 6/23/2015)
Affordable and effective precision management.
Ability to utilize a wide range of satellite differentials from WAAS to RTK if available. Great product.
Review by K. Davidson / (Posted on 5/6/2015)
Simple to use and effective
Bought a pull behind hooded sprayer to put out burn down and have a tractor without guidance. Wanted a simple, inexpensive guide as to not have overlap and waste burn down. The Raven was extremely easy to install, easy to use, and simple to follow. 5 stars for this product.
Review by Lisa Barker / (Posted on 4/7/2015)